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A Cross to Bear


We all have those times when we ask, “Why?, Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” I┬áremember sitting in my doctor’s office talking about a problem I was having with my sinuses. I sat there expecting a solution and heard, “We all have our cross to bear.” This morning I was having a frustrating morning with one of my children and I heard the saying again in my head. The true meaning of that phrase comes from a time when prisoners were forced to carry large crosses as punishment. In our time, it relates to those things that cause us to feel weighted down emotionally.

We all have things we struggle with that appear as obstacles in our lives. It may be a health concern or a difficult relationship. It may be that we are in a job we struggle with or financial difficulties. Whatever the situation may be, it is ours to address. In that moment while listening to my doctor, I found myself going within and turning to my faith. In my belief, God can solve all my problems. As I struggled with my child, I was again in my head turning the situation over to God. “What help will he give me?” Not, “will he help?”

Faith in itself is powerful. Those that have a faith, or that are open to it, often experience greater success with healing and their sense of well-being. Though we can not expect to have blind faith, we can gain in faith through experience. The more prayers we have answered, the stronger our faith can be. We all have those times in our lives where we struggle to manage things and forget to pray. Maybe we even turn our back on a belief in God. That is the beauty of having the choice to believe or not to believe. However, having a strong faith and spiritual practice can alter your perception of everything happening around you. It can even take the “cross you bear” and turn it into a situation of healing and hope. Faith teaches you that miracles happen every day and that any situation can be transformed into something better.

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