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We are More Connected than We Think

Grace1Our reality is always touching  Heaven’s.    For many, the idea of heaven and other dimensions in the Universe is a question and still needs to be explored.  It can be easy to let doubt block you from having a spiritual connection to your loved ones.  When we lose people we love, our grief and anger can also create a barrier to perceiving our loved ones and recognizing our connection to God. For those that want to connect, it is important to be open to seeking a connection through dedication and practice.  Those connections are most often experienced through  meditation, prayer, dreams and through spiritual experiences.  When you start to deepen your spiritual connection,  you realize your loved ones are not as separate as you may have thought.  Connecting to God and your loved one can  happen in many ways and in multiple layers.  When you allow yourself to be open to  that connection, you  recognize that your loved ones are not as far away as you thought because their reality is always touching ours. © September 20, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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The Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light tunnelThis morning in meditation I got an image of a cave with a light from the outside at the end of the cave.  I knew immediately what the light was referencing.  Yesterday a friend called me in despair.   She has been someone who has lived spiritually her whole life but she was in fear and not feeling her connection to God.  We all have those times that it is hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel when the spot we are walking in feels particularly dark.  Even Mother Teresa had difficulty feeling her connection to God.  Despite that lack of connection, she continued to move forward in her spiritual work and many were not aware of how deeply she suffered.

 As we walk this journey through life, we need to keep in mind what we know about tunnels.  Usually with tunnels we have only two directions to go.  We can go deeper into the its depth or walk toward the entrance and out into the light.  The direction we walk is up to us.  We are not always going to feel our connection to God; however, if we keep walking in the right direction we will eventually get to the place we want to be.  At those times when we don’t feel the love of the Universe, we may not always understand the purpose for our pain and we may even feel like giving up.  It is those  times that we need to continue the walk forward and know that God is always near.  We may not feel Him but we need to walk forward anyway, sometimes on blind faith.   “Darkness” may try to block our connection to God but it can’t prevent us from reaching out to Him.    Remember that when we don’t know what else to do, all we have to do is reach in prayer and wait for the the “light” to bring things into focus. ©September 11, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Tranquility from Grace

Grace Grace is a state of being bestowed to us by God’s unmerited favor.  In truth, all we have to do to open ourselves to God’s Grace is seek Him in our lives and allow His unconditional love to flow to and from us.  Early in my life I asked a priest about Hell and he told me that “Hell is what is is like to be separated from God.”  In separation from Him, we often experience inner turmoil and discontent.  That pain is a suffering that can be healed with God’s Grace.  No matter what our mistakes or transgressions, God loves us unconditionally.  His Grace can heal us and release us from those certain emotional dark spots we encounter in our lives.   The closer we stay to Him, the more Grace we experience.  When you believe in Him, His Grace gets reflected in both your inner world and your outer reality. ©  September 9, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Being Overwhelmed

LimitationsIt is human nature to want to look ahead but that can make the future seem daunting.  Life’s responsibilities can easily pile up on you and overwhelm you if you lose perspective.   You might even find you become immobilized with fear as things start to seem out of your control.  Take a look at what is most important and decide which things come first.  Remember to stay in today and not to look too far ahead.   When things seem insurmountable, remember to take one step at a time and things will become more manageable.   With perseverance and a little faith,  the sky is the limit. © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Faith2Fear can cause many things like lack of sleep, shortness of breath, spinning thoughts and even difficulties with others. Often that part of us that is afraid is triggered by beliefs we established in Childhood or from a traumatic event from the past. In the here and now, ask yourself,  “When is the first time I felt this?” and “What is the worst that is going to happen today?” and most importantly, “Do I believe God is powerful enough to carry me through this and protect me from the thing I am afraid of?”  When the past is affecting you today, ask God to heal that old part of you. Whatever is before you today that is causing concern, will likely be a distant memory in the near future as you move on to a new worry.  Rather than giving your power away to fear, allow prayer and faith to make you stronger.        © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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