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No Regrets

I once read in a Buddhist book that Buddhist’s try to live each day like it is their last so that they live with no regrets.  If you live as though today could be your last day, you would make kinder choices and be more tolerant of people.  The belief being that when you pass over, you relive the emotions your actions caused others to feel.  The ultimate question you face being, “Did you love well”?


As I write this, I am remembering a friend of mine that passed a few years ago.  She came to my classes and always came late.  When she arrived it was always with a splash and lots of noise.   We worked and worked on her lateness issue but, aside from that, she was a breath of fresh air.  She had the most loving presence and a deep spiritual faith.  I always enjoyed having her no matter how late she came.   One summer in July, this same person gave me two snowmen picture frames containing pictures of my kids.   They were intended to be a Christmas gift but, of course, she got them to me a little late.  I keep them up year round in honor of her and every time I see them I smile because I think of her and the impact she had in my life.

The reason I am telling this story is because every person has quirks and things about them that you may get frustrated with.   In the end, that may be the very thing you love and miss about them.  So, when you struggle to be tolerant of other people, look closer at their spirit and their positive qualities.  Strive to treat them with compassion and love.  Though you shouldn’t
enable abusive behavior or addictions,  ask yourself, “will my response to this person be a positive reflection on my character in any way?”  And remember, when looking back at your life in review, you will never regret being patient and loving toward those who struggle.

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The Gift of Intuition

I sometimes have people ask me if using my intuition is evil.  Aside from the implications about my moral character, I can understand the question.  Fear of the unknown can be hard to overcome. Some religions and some of society have placed negative connotations regarding the use of intuition and even imply it can be evil.  Psychic means to be of spirit. Though we exist in a physical body, we are all also here because of the existence of our spirit.  Our culture often promotes the more tangible/material things as important.  We should have the best home, car, clothes, etc.  Though none of those things will greet us on the other side and none of those things feed the soul.  Using your intuition connects you to your spirit within.  It opens the door of communication to that fundamental part of you that often gets ignored when we explore material pursuits.   Connecting to our intuition is a natural process that happens within all of us when we quiet the mind and listen.  For some of us it comes in dreams or in fleeting moments of deeper awareness.  We ignore it or embrace it all according to what we feel comfortable with emotionally.

beamAs with anything, intention is what is key to making intuition a positive gift of the person accessing it.  If you see intuition as a gift, you recognize it is there to help improve the quality of life of yourself and others.  It should be used for the good of those you connect with and never used to hold power over another.  People use many things in life with the wrong intention.  We have the potential to use money, position, and things in a way that can be hurtful to others.  If you are using your intuition as a gift, you know not to intrude on others with your ability and you practice using your spiritual connection in a loving way.

So no, using your intuition is not an evil practice.  As with anything, what is important to remember is that each person using their intuition may have different values and apply it differently.  Use your own intuition to discern what is right for you.  My prayer to God is, show me what you want for me.  When I turn to God, I’m led to where I need to be.  May He always guide and protect you as well.

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meditationDay 4 for best practices: Start your day with light meditation.  Listen to soft music, light a white candle, write letters to God in your.  Most importantly, say prayers or talk to God in your mind.  Then listen… Listen to silence, to your imagination and to your inner guidance.  Meditation nurtures the soul and provides you with quality time with God.  There is no set guideline for how to meditate.  You also don’t have to begin as a strong transcendental meditation practitioner.  Your time connecting with God can be whatever you want it to be.  The benefits  of meditating are amazing and life changing if you do it on a regular basis.

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Bubble of Light: Good Energy Practice

bubblesDay 3: Visualizing and creating a bubble of light around your entire body is a great practice for protecting yourself from negative energy.  Ask God to fill you and surround you with his light energy to protect your aura.  Then imagine an egg shaped sphere surrounding you.  You can do the same for your children or family.  This practice will also help you attract more positive experiences.  Nancy Hickman

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Light Solutions

lightLight Solutions: Create Harmony with Light

Day 2: Everything can be healed or transformed with the loving light from the Universe.  If you sense someone is having a bad day visualize light filling and surrounding them.  If you are worried about an important meeting or interaction, ask that light fill the room or space you will be in.  Stagnant or negative energy can disrupt relationships and events and light energy can bring a sense of harmony.

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Light Centeredness

lightThe next few days I will post a daily post on “living from your spiritual center”. These practices are simple and easy but will add positive energy to your life. Today’s Living from your Center suggestion:
1. Visualize and intend that light energy is flowing before you where ever you go. Sending light ahead of you can be protection from accidents and can increase your positive interactions. Nancy Hickman Life-Coach

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Welcome to the Inner Light and Wisdom Blog

thCAC4ZCJBNancy Hickman, M.Ed.
Intuitive Personal Life Coach
Reiki Master
Trained Hypnotherapist
Welcome to the Inner Light and Wisdom blog! I am a believer in the importance of excellent communication, so I decided to launch this blog to share my writings with you in an expanded format. I hope you find my writings helpful, thought-provoking, inspiring, and informative.
Through my own spiritual healing journey, I have learned to find personal happiness and to follow my life purpose by helping others through Spiritual Empowerment. I have been using my spiritual gifts to help others through classes and individual sessions for many years. It is my mission to help you discover a deeper connection with your own Inner Light and Wisdom.


If you feel that I may be assistance to you on your journey,
please contact me directly:
Nancy Hickman, M.Ed. LLC
P.O. Box 568
Solomons, MD 20688
Gratefully, Nancy

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