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Lean on Me: Gemma’s Signs from Her Son

From Gemma:
Rose On Wood BWAfter lengthy research on the web and asking questions around to people I know, I found Nancy Hickman.  We met with her and it was very good and this sent me in search of my connection to my faith.    Different things came up and a class that Nancy was teaching peeked my interest.  I was just one part of the class.  I was uneasy but brave.  I wasn’t sure if it was for me, but for some reason I was prompted to keep going.  It turned me around and helped me find what I really had not lost at all.  The best thing was, at the end of the class, Nancy gave all of us a channeled message from our loved ones in heaven.  This was the beginning of my Lean on Me story.  My message was from my son Dave Nelson, he sang the song Lean on Me to Nancy and asked that she sing it to me (she did great) and that I read the lyrics.  Another part of the message was an image of a red rose.  My youngest son Mike pulled up  the lyrics and the album cover has a red rose laying there.  Then David gave more signs.  The next day Nancy contacted me to look at what came up on God vines that morning for her. It was a young boy with autism singing Lean On Me.  It was beautiful.  Several months later, my cell phone started playing the song Lean On Me and two of us could not turn it off until finally my son Mike was able to turn it off.  Within the hour I received a email from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  When I opened it,  they had dedicated a song for a singer that died from suicide.  When I clicked on it, you are right: it was  Lean On Me.

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