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No Regrets

I once read in a Buddhist book that Buddhist’s try to live each day like it is their last so that they live with no regrets.  If you live as though today could be your last day, you would make kinder choices and be more tolerant of people.  The belief being that when you pass over, you relive the emotions your actions caused others to feel.  The ultimate question you face being, “Did you love well”?


As I write this, I am remembering a friend of mine that passed a few years ago.  She came to my classes and always came late.  When she arrived it was always with a splash and lots of noise.   We worked and worked on her lateness issue but, aside from that, she was a breath of fresh air.  She had the most loving presence and a deep spiritual faith.  I always enjoyed having her no matter how late she came.   One summer in July, this same person gave me two snowmen picture frames containing pictures of my kids.   They were intended to be a Christmas gift but, of course, she got them to me a little late.  I keep them up year round in honor of her and every time I see them I smile because I think of her and the impact she had in my life.

The reason I am telling this story is because every person has quirks and things about them that you may get frustrated with.   In the end, that may be the very thing you love and miss about them.  So, when you struggle to be tolerant of other people, look closer at their spirit and their positive qualities.  Strive to treat them with compassion and love.  Though you shouldn’t
enable abusive behavior or addictions,  ask yourself, “will my response to this person be a positive reflection on my character in any way?”  And remember, when looking back at your life in review, you will never regret being patient and loving toward those who struggle.

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