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We are More Connected than We Think

Grace1Our reality is always touching  Heaven’s.    For many, the idea of heaven and other dimensions in the Universe is a question and still needs to be explored.  It can be easy to let doubt block you from having a spiritual connection to your loved ones.  When we lose people we love, our grief and anger can also create a barrier to perceiving our loved ones and recognizing our connection to God. For those that want to connect, it is important to be open to seeking a connection through dedication and practice.  Those connections are most often experienced through  meditation, prayer, dreams and through spiritual experiences.  When you start to deepen your spiritual connection,  you realize your loved ones are not as separate as you may have thought.  Connecting to God and your loved one can  happen in many ways and in multiple layers.  When you allow yourself to be open to  that connection, you  recognize that your loved ones are not as far away as you thought because their reality is always touching ours. © September 20, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Lean on Me: Gemma’s Signs from Her Son

From Gemma:
Rose On Wood BWAfter lengthy research on the web and asking questions around to people I know, I found Nancy Hickman.  We met with her and it was very good and this sent me in search of my connection to my faith.    Different things came up and a class that Nancy was teaching peeked my interest.  I was just one part of the class.  I was uneasy but brave.  I wasn’t sure if it was for me, but for some reason I was prompted to keep going.  It turned me around and helped me find what I really had not lost at all.  The best thing was, at the end of the class, Nancy gave all of us a channeled message from our loved ones in heaven.  This was the beginning of my Lean on Me story.  My message was from my son Dave Nelson, he sang the song Lean on Me to Nancy and asked that she sing it to me (she did great) and that I read the lyrics.  Another part of the message was an image of a red rose.  My youngest son Mike pulled up  the lyrics and the album cover has a red rose laying there.  Then David gave more signs.  The next day Nancy contacted me to look at what came up on God vines that morning for her. It was a young boy with autism singing Lean On Me.  It was beautiful.  Several months later, my cell phone started playing the song Lean On Me and two of us could not turn it off until finally my son Mike was able to turn it off.  Within the hour I received a email from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  When I opened it,  they had dedicated a song for a singer that died from suicide.  When I clicked on it, you are right: it was  Lean On Me.

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Whispered Words

From the time I was a little girl, I got messages from spirit.  I would sit in wind2a field on our property and hear thoughts in my head offering love and support.   They were like words whispered in the wind.  Always kind and loving.

We all hear these loving words from time to time.  Some of us just don’t always  recognize that inner voice is not always our own.  Loved ones will put thoughts in our head to help and reassure us but we might not always perceive those thoughts as from them.   They may be the thought in our head that tells us not to go somewhere at a certain time.  Then we find out there was an accident in that spot that evening.  They may tell us a relationship is turning unhealthy or to be cautious of someone.  Those little warnings and gut feelings are a gift from your loved ones.  Their way of watching over us  to try to positively influence our thinking.

Sitting in that field, I was quiet and open to listening.  That made it  easier for me to hear.  We are more likely to hear their messages if we allow ourselves to be quiet and clear our head of worries.    The words whispered to me have definitely prevented accidents, provided me with health information, warned me that my kids needed me and more.  What have you heard from your loved ones when you take the time to quiet your mind and listen?

© 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed. LLC


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Spirit communication

This morning in meditation I was shown a picture of two things.  One image was a telegraph machine and the other was an image of my husband showing me how he used to communicate as a signalman in the military.  The message was, “be aware of what your thoughts communicate to the other-side.  When you think it, it puts out a signal into the Universe.”


The reason some people are able to receive communication from the other side is because they are able to tap into the frequency in which those that have passed communicate.  Sometimes that communication is literal and at other times it comes symbolically like a type of code.  One of the key tools for being able to communicate with spirit is the ability to quiet the mind.  When the mind is quiet, your brain waves actually slow down and that allows you to perceive things you might not otherwise pick up on.
Each spirit communicates differently.  The personality of the spirit and their “strength” often impact how clearly they communicate and how talkative they are.  When they communicate with us, they often send thoughts or mental pictures.  It is important to know that they also have to learn how to get their message across to us in a way we can understand.  It may be harder for some to receive messages if they are experience heavy feelings like grief or if they have issues with ill health.  Those can create a fog in the mind that blocks your intuition.  Be aware that whatever your thoughts or feelings are, your loved ones are able to perceive them.  Your loving thoughts send out a signal they can easily perceive.  © 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC
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Talking to Your Deceased Loved Ones

Last night at dinner with some wonderful ladies, we were discussing how it is now that their loved ones have passed.  Some were talking about dreams they’ve had and signs they experienced.  Everyone was discussing how normal it is for them to connect with their loved ones.  Not only is it healing for them but it is healing for the people they lost.

When your loved ones pass over, they are sometimes dealing with unresolved issues and emotions.  They are still concerned about how their passing affects you and those they loved.  They can hear and see you and often feel your emotions.  They will even slow their own transition out of concern for those they love.  If you have a hard time letting go because of your grief, they often want to stay and comfort you.

heavenThere is no set formula for grieving; however, the most important thing you can do is give them permission to move on.  When you do that, they don’t “leave you” for good.  They actually begin their healing and transition process which makes them stronger.  They will still watch over you and your loved ones.  They will still give you signs they are there and they will still say “hi” in your dreams.  Most likely more so, the further along you are on your own healing process. 
It is also important to know that talking to your loved one is normal and they do hear you.  Tell them your feelings and offer forgiveness and love.  They will get the message.  You can even close your eyes, imagine them before you and mentally tell them how you feel.  This is very healing and freeing for them.  Can you imagine how it would be to be able to see and talk to your loved ones but they don’t see and talk to you?  Always remember, when you talk to them, it makes them happy because their love for you never goes away. 

© 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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