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Intuitive Personal Life Coach, Clairvoyant, Intuitive Medium, and Metaphysical Energy Practitioner

Intuitive Coaching by Nancy

Clairvoyant, Intuitive Medium, and Metaphysical Energy Practitioner.

From an early age, I have been intuitive. I was raised Roman Catholic and believe strongly that religion is a positive thing for those who choose it. Most importantly, I believe that having a personal spiritual belief of your own is key to success in life and personal/physical healing. I have a strong personal relationship with God and I personally pray to Him and His angels for guidance in how I can help others to empower themselves and enhance their spiritual life. It is not my job to tell you what to believe but to help you find the answers that are right for you. It is my belief that intuition is meant to be used for healing and to help people empower themselves.

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Readings with Nancy


Through her intuitive psychic connection, Nancy will guide you on how to improve your life. The direction of the session is based on your goals and what you would like to know about your life.

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Energy Healing with Nancy

Energy Healing

As much as you are a person with a physical body, you also have a spirit within that body. Your spirit needs care and maintenance in the same way your body does.

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"Kind, calming and insightful, that is what comes to mind when I appreciate Nancy's work. Her gentle ease, her clear and prophetic abilities have saved/changed my life. . . . I am in awe with the messages she shares from her guides. When I am doubtful, I can count on Nancy's coaching to get me centered and grounded. The best word I can use to describe Nancy is that she is heavenly."
Joni S., Michigan