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Abundance Thinking

abundanceThis morning in meditation I saw a gold flower.   The message is that “the Universe is abundant with loving, creative energy that can assist you in getting all your needs met.”  Our thinking attracts our experiences by putting a signal out to the universe.  Every time we think a negative thought, our aura decreases in size and acts against us in attracting positive experiences.  When we think positively, our aura grows. That allows it to send out positive signals of attraction to attract the experiences we are looking for.  Remember to think in abundance.  “There is enough love, money, friendship, etc for me and everyone else to have all we need.”   As you go about the day, be conscious of  your thinking and ask yourself “what signals am I sending out to the Universe?” This will help retrain your thinking to  “affirm and attract” the positive experiences you desire to have in your life.

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