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Seeing Beyond the Surface

1truthThis morning I was contemplating some of the things I see and sense as an intuitive. Though I try to focus on the positive, the other side of things can feel overwhelming.   I find myself trying to create awareness and watching my words at the same time. I know not everyone is able to hear all of what I know. There is a part of me that would rather shut it off but I’ve asked God to direct my path and I am trying to obediently follow that wherever it goes. After sitting with the feelings this creates for me, I sat in meditation and asked for a message to share with you. So many of the messages are for me as well. Our connection on that spiritual level means there is a Universal raising of consciousness within all of us. Those that are strong enough will dig deeper for more truth to raise their consciousness now.  The rest will follow when they are ready.

If you contemplate today’s message seriously, try not let surface matters like money, material things, petty conflicts etc., distract you from taking a deeper look at what God wants you to know about your life, those around you and the world.   We are moving into a time of greater change. Being spiritually aware and grounded in faith  will help you through that change where you might otherwise find yourself more affected by chaotic energies.

Message from the Universe: See not what you want to see— see the truth. If you are not properly armed with the facts, you can not make informed decisions. Look beyond what is on the surface. Information is vital to positive change.
© September 13, 2014, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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The Changing Season of our Lives

Seasons3Change is an ever present energy we have to learn to cope with.  Sometimes we feel the change in positive ways.  We experience the excitement of new beginnings like in Spring.   We may bask in our abundance like we do in Summer when we our days are filled with light and nature thrives all around us.  During the times that we begin to shed things that do not work for us, we are experiencing Fall.  We harvest what we can and move on from the rest.  Those times that we grieve and pull into ourselves we are experiencing an emotional Winter that often feels barren of light and hope.   Though they may all be a necessary part of our life experience, it is important to know those emotional phases may come and go in the same way nature naturally shifts through each phase growth.   We will shift from each change we experience and adapt as we go.  If we hold our spiritual center, our landscape may not look the same for us when all is said and done but we will learn that our spirit contains has an amazing ability to heal itself.   If you are experiencing an emotional Winter or what feels like a “storm” in your life, remember to surround yourself with light, to be easy on yourself and allow the energy around you to shift naturally.  Pulling into yourself in a healthy way, is good for your spirit and allows it to recharge and heal.©  November 6, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Being Overwhelmed

LimitationsIt is human nature to want to look ahead but that can make the future seem daunting.  Life’s responsibilities can easily pile up on you and overwhelm you if you lose perspective.   You might even find you become immobilized with fear as things start to seem out of your control.  Take a look at what is most important and decide which things come first.  Remember to stay in today and not to look too far ahead.   When things seem insurmountable, remember to take one step at a time and things will become more manageable.   With perseverance and a little faith,  the sky is the limit. © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Faith2Fear can cause many things like lack of sleep, shortness of breath, spinning thoughts and even difficulties with others. Often that part of us that is afraid is triggered by beliefs we established in Childhood or from a traumatic event from the past. In the here and now, ask yourself,  “When is the first time I felt this?” and “What is the worst that is going to happen today?” and most importantly, “Do I believe God is powerful enough to carry me through this and protect me from the thing I am afraid of?”  When the past is affecting you today, ask God to heal that old part of you. Whatever is before you today that is causing concern, will likely be a distant memory in the near future as you move on to a new worry.  Rather than giving your power away to fear, allow prayer and faith to make you stronger.        © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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This morning in meditation I was shown insects having the instinctive ability to adapt to nature by restructuring their living situations.  In the image, the adaptations seemed easy and effortless.  They recognize the situation or changes needed and begin restructuring beetheir homes and environment to accommodate mother nature. In the same way,  it is necessary us to have the ability to adapt.  The ability to adapt affects our ability to survive and it affects our emotional sense of well-being.

Change is a constant in life.  The belief that we are actually in control is simply not always the reality we would like it to be.  The question we have to ask ourselves is, “how adaptable am I?”  Those that can adapt well to change will have a greater sense of peace and serenity.  They will see change and have the ability to work with it.  They recognize what is needed and move on.  Sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly.

Resisting change can be frustrating, exhausting and painful.  We can become comfortable with the current status of things and fight against any shift in our circumstance.  Fighting the flow of things can wear us out emotionally and take away from the energy needed to adjust to the change.  Why do we resist?   We are often fearful of what the change will bring or fearful we will lose something important to us.  When fear is the issue,  faith can assist us and help us to be more adaptable.  It can help us see the benefits and growth involved with the changes we need to make.  Faith can also help us learn to cope in new ways where we once may have used controlling behaviors to create a sense of safety.  When faced with change, take time to assess the situation and then turn it over to God.  Allow yourself to release your fears by recognizing you have the instinctive ability to adapt within you and you can apply it to each and every situation you encounter.

© 2013Nancy Hickman, M. Ed., LLC

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The Plotting Heffalump


In Pooh’s story, the Heffalump is a character that is never seen but feared.  Pooh is kept awake at night with visions of a Heffalump coming to take his honey.  In my meditation today, the Heffalump represents those things we think of that cause us fear and anxiety but  usually never come to fruition.  It is the part of our imagination that ruminates on things,  creating fear and interfering with our serenity.

During those times of fear, we are being triggered.  We usually feel threatened in some way or fear a loss of control in a situation.  It could also be that painful memories are coming back from the past, floating around and interfering with our serenity.   In those times it helps to start checking reality and reminding ourselves of the present.  We can make a gratitude list or ask ourselves, “what is the worst thing that could happen? Is it likely that it even would?”  Remember that even those painful parts of our past can be lessons that teach us how to have a better future.  Most importantly our memories are in the past and can only have the power to affect our future if we allow them too.

In my meditation, I was shown a bubble representing the imagination and an angel deflating the bubble with an arrow.  The message was, “you always have faith to fall back on when you need it.”  Allow your faith to deflate your fears by turning them over to God. When they come up, releasing them to Him can keep them in perspective and He can transform them into something less disturbing to your serenity.

©2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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