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self-knowledgeMy early 20′s was one of the most difficult times in my life.  It is not uncommon to be finding yourself at that age and that was part of my journey as well.  One of the things I did to help myself through that time was meditate.  I have always had a strong spiritual connection and the ability to communicate with spirit which helped me heal.  In one meditation I heard the message, “The key to your happiness is in how well you know yourself.”  I didn’t know what that meant at the time but it was revealed to me as I began taking a look at myself through various modalities of healing.

We all know who we are on the surface.  We know what we like and the image we want to put out to the world.  We often know what hurts us and what walls we put up to protect ourselves.  Those are things we often don’t want to explore any further than we have to because it can be difficult to look at on a deeper level.   However, truly knowing yourself comes from a deeper form of self-reflection that means seeking out your weaknesses and then seeking to change them.   Holding onto them for the sake of self-protection will most likely cause us to repeat cycles that have caused us pain in the past.  Part of the spiritual axiom we all face is that our patterns will continue to repeat until we heal them because we are meant to be free emotionally.   We get free when the events in our past no longer hurt us, when we can be confident in who we are on the inside, and we can move forward empowered by our faith.

A large part of this year we have been facing some difficult astrological influences.  These influences have been in place to cause us to let go of things we no longer need.  They sometimes also force us to take a deeper look into our lives.  Being forced out of a place where we feel complacent, maybe even content, is the Universes way of prompting us to look deeper at ourselves.  We are here to grow spiritually and evolve. The more we do that proactively, the less the Universe will be forcibly prompting us to continue our forward movement.

Always remember that the inner wisdom you need to be successful in life is available to you.  First, you must seek to heal and to know all you can about the inner workings of your subconscious.  Then you can move forward free and independent of  old emotional blockages and patterns that will otherwise impede you as you try to move forward.  © June 2, 2014, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC


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We are Beings of Light

light8We are all here because we are supposed to grow.  One of the things we are meant to do it help those around us.  We are meant to send light to others.  On a deep level our light is connected to each person we meet.  That light comes from God and flows through each of us.  When we reject each other, we are rejecting a part of ourselves.

When you wake each day, try to consciously work with your light energy by praying that God increase the light within you and others.  Direct the light energy from Heaven and see it flow around the planet.  Especially send that light to people you may struggle with in life.  If you are having difficulty, ask that the light go to your situation.  Ask that the light protect you and those that you love.  Ask that light go to our Government and our Country.  Ask that light go before you wherever you go.  In doing this, you are increasing your vibration, increasing the good energy that comes to you and increasing your connection to God.   You are also creating positive change in the world around you.  © March 4, 2014, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Respect the Paranormal

Every now and then I paranormalfeel the need to create awareness about the paranormal world.  Though it can be very exciting, the spirit world is not as well understood as it should be by most people.   The media sensationalizes the paranormal and there is a growing movement of interest in haunted places and in the psychic arena.   You can walk into book stores and buy spell books off the shelf and you can go to your local retail store and buy Ouija boards.   Cartoons are now encouraging young kids to follow along as they do a magic spell to achieve things.   There is a desensitization to things that can and do cause a great deal of harm in the world.  Those activities often open doors to negative entities and weave a thread of chaos in the lives of many.

As an intuitive, I have had my fair share of experiences with negative entities.   As time goes on, my experience has taught me just how prevalent they are and how much they affect others.  Now, I’m growing in awareness everyday and use all my skills and knowledge to help others be aware and to use their intuition by teaching them safe practices.  When seeking to use and develop your intuition, make sure you study with someone who knows how to protect against negative energies and who practices using their intuition in a light centered and God centered way.  Many people have good intentions but lack of knowledge can be an issue.

Some examples of safe practices:

-Use holy water when meditating.-Use a white candle to bring in God’s presence.
-Use prayer to ask for God’s protection and specifically address your questions to Him.
-Use affirmations to keep your thoughts positive.
-Use frankincense or other incense to attract God’s angels.                                                                  -Wear a cross.                                                                                                                                                      -Surround yourself in white light.

Thank you to those of you who put your trust in me.   I do my work with your safety and best interest at heart.

Keep your heart pure, your intentions in the light and let God be your compass.

Love and blessings!

© January 9, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC



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Respecting Others Work

We are all spiritually responsible for our actions.  Occasionally it comes up for me that it seems others want to duplicate my work.  We are all karmic-ally responsible for the integrity we demonstrate in life.   It can be easy to justify that there is no original thought; however, you know in your heart if you are taking ideas or work that someone else has worked hard to create.  The Universe supports those that can be use their integrity in creating their own ideas or work.  In the very least, we should give credit where it belongs.   If you are looking for ideas and recognition, create your own and utilize your spiritual helpers to assist you.  The Universe  wants us all to be successful  and there are ideas in abundance that the Universe can convey to you if you seek them from that  source and not from others. Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Releasing Grief

When we feel sad, it is natural to want to stuff or hide our feelings.  Remember, they come up to be released.  We may need to release old grief about how we have been treated or Peace5grief about losing someone we love.    It is important to recognize that grief comes from a variety of sources and experiences.  Though it is not fun to address old feelings, leaving your feelings unresolved often results in anxieties and fears.  It can also leave you more vulnerable to being hurt by others.   If sadness comes up, take time to acknowledge the source of your grief.  Then ask yourself when was the first time you felt a similar loss or feeling?  Share your grief with God and ask Him to help you with it.  Acknowledging your grief allows the healing process to begin.   Though it isn’t fun to explore where your emotions are coming from, it is the fist step to healing and finding peace. © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC


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Handling Adversity

obstaclesA dear friend is facing issues with a person who is acting spiteful and she is handling the adversity from a spiritual perspective.   Situations like these come up for all of us and they can be confusing and painful.   Our immediate reaction may be to push back;  however, the most productive thing is usually to take a higher spiritual road.  We should never accept abuse from others but we are still responsible for how we respond.   If we learn to step back and release the situation we are struggling with to God, we can grow stronger with his help.  The person or thing causing us difficulty can ultimately be a teacher for us by raising us up to a higher spiritual level.   Fighting back only  pulls us down by making the lesson more painful and difficult.  Rarely is there a positive resolution and often you end up giving away your personal power by expending energy in the wrong direction.   If faced with adversity, recognize the situation is meant to teach you something.  Go within and ask yourself what you have learned from it.  Then ask yourself, “what would God do now?”  You can also ask that he give you what you need to heal or turn things in a positive direction.  When obstacles arise, it is rarely effective to try to push through them.  It is often more effective to take a step back and choose a higher path.© August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Lean on Me: Gemma’s Signs from Her Son

From Gemma:
Rose On Wood BWAfter lengthy research on the web and asking questions around to people I know, I found Nancy Hickman.  We met with her and it was very good and this sent me in search of my connection to my faith.    Different things came up and a class that Nancy was teaching peeked my interest.  I was just one part of the class.  I was uneasy but brave.  I wasn’t sure if it was for me, but for some reason I was prompted to keep going.  It turned me around and helped me find what I really had not lost at all.  The best thing was, at the end of the class, Nancy gave all of us a channeled message from our loved ones in heaven.  This was the beginning of my Lean on Me story.  My message was from my son Dave Nelson, he sang the song Lean on Me to Nancy and asked that she sing it to me (she did great) and that I read the lyrics.  Another part of the message was an image of a red rose.  My youngest son Mike pulled up  the lyrics and the album cover has a red rose laying there.  Then David gave more signs.  The next day Nancy contacted me to look at what came up on God vines that morning for her. It was a young boy with autism singing Lean On Me.  It was beautiful.  Several months later, my cell phone started playing the song Lean On Me and two of us could not turn it off until finally my son Mike was able to turn it off.  Within the hour I received a email from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.  When I opened it,  they had dedicated a song for a singer that died from suicide.  When I clicked on it, you are right: it was  Lean On Me.

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Faith2Fear can cause many things like lack of sleep, shortness of breath, spinning thoughts and even difficulties with others. Often that part of us that is afraid is triggered by beliefs we established in Childhood or from a traumatic event from the past. In the here and now, ask yourself,  “When is the first time I felt this?” and “What is the worst that is going to happen today?” and most importantly, “Do I believe God is powerful enough to carry me through this and protect me from the thing I am afraid of?”  When the past is affecting you today, ask God to heal that old part of you. Whatever is before you today that is causing concern, will likely be a distant memory in the near future as you move on to a new worry.  Rather than giving your power away to fear, allow prayer and faith to make you stronger.        © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Feeding Your Inner Light

California Poppies and GazaniasLiving a spiritual life will cause you to grow and can result in many changes. The more spiritual we become, the more we tend to let go of things that are not in line with our desire for love and peace. Things that we might have tolerated before, will be less tolerable in the here and now.  We may find ourselves walking away from situations, things or people in ways we wouldn’t have in the past.  We may find that as our own light gets brighter, we are less attracted to things and people we used to align with.  Proper care of our inner light means we should not engage in situations that deter us from being the best we can be.  We should pursue our goals with integrity and consideration for others.  Spiritually and karmically, we will be rewarded for having the right intentions and taking correct action.  As we grow and take responsibility for the care and feeding of our inner light, we think less of selfish things and align ourselves more with loving thoughts and actions.  Always remember, inviting God to participate in your daily plans and activities can make living spiritually easy and effortless.  You will naturally gravitate to what makes you healthy and happy.  © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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A Cross to Bear


We all have those times when we ask, “Why?, Why me? What did I do to deserve this?” I remember sitting in my doctor’s office talking about a problem I was having with my sinuses. I sat there expecting a solution and heard, “We all have our cross to bear.” This morning I was having a frustrating morning with one of my children and I heard the saying again in my head. The true meaning of that phrase comes from a time when prisoners were forced to carry large crosses as punishment. In our time, it relates to those things that cause us to feel weighted down emotionally.

We all have things we struggle with that appear as obstacles in our lives. It may be a health concern or a difficult relationship. It may be that we are in a job we struggle with or financial difficulties. Whatever the situation may be, it is ours to address. In that moment while listening to my doctor, I found myself going within and turning to my faith. In my belief, God can solve all my problems. As I struggled with my child, I was again in my head turning the situation over to God. “What help will he give me?” Not, “will he help?”

Faith in itself is powerful. Those that have a faith, or that are open to it, often experience greater success with healing and their sense of well-being. Though we can not expect to have blind faith, we can gain in faith through experience. The more prayers we have answered, the stronger our faith can be. We all have those times in our lives where we struggle to manage things and forget to pray. Maybe we even turn our back on a belief in God. That is the beauty of having the choice to believe or not to believe. However, having a strong faith and spiritual practice can alter your perception of everything happening around you. It can even take the “cross you bear” and turn it into a situation of healing and hope. Faith teaches you that miracles happen every day and that any situation can be transformed into something better.

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