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Handling Adversity

obstaclesA dear friend is facing issues with a person who is acting spiteful and she is handling the adversity from a spiritual perspective.   Situations like these come up for all of us and they can be confusing and painful.   Our immediate reaction may be to push back;  however, the most productive thing is usually to take a higher spiritual road.  We should never accept abuse from others but we are still responsible for how we respond.   If we learn to step back and release the situation we are struggling with to God, we can grow stronger with his help.  The person or thing causing us difficulty can ultimately be a teacher for us by raising us up to a higher spiritual level.   Fighting back only  pulls us down by making the lesson more painful and difficult.  Rarely is there a positive resolution and often you end up giving away your personal power by expending energy in the wrong direction.   If faced with adversity, recognize the situation is meant to teach you something.  Go within and ask yourself what you have learned from it.  Then ask yourself, “what would God do now?”  You can also ask that he give you what you need to heal or turn things in a positive direction.  When obstacles arise, it is rarely effective to try to push through them.  It is often more effective to take a step back and choose a higher path.© August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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