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Opening Your Heart

Love3The more you heal yourself of heartache, the greater your capacity to love.  If you are wounded, you will likely live from a defensive place that keeps people at a distance or restricts those you let close.  On the flip side, when some people are wounded they sometimes seek approval from others and often get re-wounded when others don’t give them the affirmation they need.  Those people may find they give their love to the wrong people or have too high an expectation from those they open up to.  Whatever the case, it is hard to fully open your heart if it keeps getting hurt.  Once you heal, the vulnerability you feel lessons and you begin living your life more for you.  You can then love from a place of confidence and inner peace.  Your heart will expand and you likely find you more frequently notice beauty in the things around you.  Remember that healing begins with your spirit.  It means connecting with that inner part of yourself and feeding your inner light.  Though some have a hard time recognizing their inner worth, it is important to know that we all originate from God and are equally deserving of his love.  It is also important to remember that healing the heart requires self love and that begins by changing the voice of your inner critic to  a voice  that expresses unconditional love.   © September 8, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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