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Releasing Grief

When we feel sad, it is natural to want to stuff or hide our feelings.  Remember, they come up to be released.  We may need to release old grief about how we have been treated or Peace5grief about losing someone we love.    It is important to recognize that grief comes from a variety of sources and experiences.  Though it is not fun to address old feelings, leaving your feelings unresolved often results in anxieties and fears.  It can also leave you more vulnerable to being hurt by others.   If sadness comes up, take time to acknowledge the source of your grief.  Then ask yourself when was the first time you felt a similar loss or feeling?  Share your grief with God and ask Him to help you with it.  Acknowledging your grief allows the healing process to begin.   Though it isn’t fun to explore where your emotions are coming from, it is the fist step to healing and finding peace. © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC


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