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Respect the Paranormal

Every now and then I paranormalfeel the need to create awareness about the paranormal world.  Though it can be very exciting, the spirit world is not as well understood as it should be by most people.   The media sensationalizes the paranormal and there is a growing movement of interest in haunted places and in the psychic arena.   You can walk into book stores and buy spell books off the shelf and you can go to your local retail store and buy Ouija boards.   Cartoons are now encouraging young kids to follow along as they do a magic spell to achieve things.   There is a desensitization to things that can and do cause a great deal of harm in the world.  Those activities often open doors to negative entities and weave a thread of chaos in the lives of many.

As an intuitive, I have had my fair share of experiences with negative entities.   As time goes on, my experience has taught me just how prevalent they are and how much they affect others.  Now, I’m growing in awareness everyday and use all my skills and knowledge to help others be aware and to use their intuition by teaching them safe practices.  When seeking to use and develop your intuition, make sure you study with someone who knows how to protect against negative energies and who practices using their intuition in a light centered and God centered way.  Many people have good intentions but lack of knowledge can be an issue.

Some examples of safe practices:

-Use holy water when meditating.-Use a white candle to bring in God’s presence.
-Use prayer to ask for God’s protection and specifically address your questions to Him.
-Use affirmations to keep your thoughts positive.
-Use frankincense or other incense to attract God’s angels.                                                                  -Wear a cross.                                                                                                                                                      -Surround yourself in white light.

Thank you to those of you who put your trust in me.   I do my work with your safety and best interest at heart.

Keep your heart pure, your intentions in the light and let God be your compass.

Love and blessings!

© January 9, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC



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