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Spirit communication

This morning in meditation I was shown a picture of two things.  One image was a telegraph machine and the other was an image of my husband showing me how he used to communicate as a signalman in the military.  The message was, “be aware of what your thoughts communicate to the other-side.  When you think it, it puts out a signal into the Universe.”


The reason some people are able to receive communication from the other side is because they are able to tap into the frequency in which those that have passed communicate.  Sometimes that communication is literal and at other times it comes symbolically like a type of code.  One of the key tools for being able to communicate with spirit is the ability to quiet the mind.  When the mind is quiet, your brain waves actually slow down and that allows you to perceive things you might not otherwise pick up on.
Each spirit communicates differently.  The personality of the spirit and their “strength” often impact how clearly they communicate and how talkative they are.  When they communicate with us, they often send thoughts or mental pictures.  It is important to know that they also have to learn how to get their message across to us in a way we can understand.  It may be harder for some to receive messages if they are experience heavy feelings like grief or if they have issues with ill health.  Those can create a fog in the mind that blocks your intuition.  Be aware that whatever your thoughts or feelings are, your loved ones are able to perceive them.  Your loving thoughts send out a signal they can easily perceive.  © 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC
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