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How Energy Flows

flow4I recently made a visit to my mother and took pictures of a fountain near where she was staying.  Fountains remind me of God’s endless supply of energy, love and abundance.   A fountains continuous flow is an example of how energy can flow to us. When we look at our lives, we have to ask ourselves if the flow is going in the right direction.  “Are we accessing God’s endless supply?”

Everything in life is made up of energy and can be scientifically broken down to cells and atoms.  Even the air we breath has energy.  Those particles all carry a positive and negative charge and attract other particles to them through magnetism.   We also attract experiences to us through the same type of magnetism.  We emit positive and negative energy through our thoughts and through our emotions.  Almost everything we experience can be explained through deep examination of what we emit energetically through our thinking and feelings, though some of it may be on a very deep unconscious level.

In order to attract positive energy, we have to be mindful of the energy we put out.   We might be a positive thinker, but we could still be attracting non-beneficial energy and experiences based on our emotional wounds and conditioning.   Like attracts like in our universe.  If we are wounded, we will attract experiences that cause us to have to deal with those inner wounds.   It may even be that we attract the same types of relationships in life, almost as though we feel pulled to repeat the same cycle in different relationships.  That is because we have something in our energy that needs healing, clearing and/or reprogramming so that we no longer emit the frequency associated with pain or difficulty.

The first step is to recognize that it is possible to heal and to begin to attract more positive experiences.   The second step is recognizing that we may need God’s help in doing that and we may also need the help of other people.  Awareness is key to changing how  energy flows in our lives and in learning to attract positive experiences.   ©July 22, 2014 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed, LLC



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Love Lessons

daisyLove can be a difficult life lesson or it can be an experience that reflects the love of the Universe.  In order to attract love, you have to believe deep within you that you deserve it.  If you accept poor treatment or criticism, some part of you isn’t integrating the belief you deserve love.  One way to reprogram your mind to expect love is to daily affirm: “Today I expect to be treated lovingly in words and actions.”  Eventually, you will attract what you teach your mind to expect and it will feel natural to you.  To change your outer world, it helps to get your inner beliefs into agreement with the transformation you want to create in your life.

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Abundance Thinking

abundanceThis morning in meditation I saw a gold flower.   The message is that “the Universe is abundant with loving, creative energy that can assist you in getting all your needs met.”  Our thinking attracts our experiences by putting a signal out to the universe.  Every time we think a negative thought, our aura decreases in size and acts against us in attracting positive experiences.  When we think positively, our aura grows. That allows it to send out positive signals of attraction to attract the experiences we are looking for.  Remember to think in abundance.  “There is enough love, money, friendship, etc for me and everyone else to have all we need.”   As you go about the day, be conscious of  your thinking and ask yourself “what signals am I sending out to the Universe?” This will help retrain your thinking to  “affirm and attract” the positive experiences you desire to have in your life.

© 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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