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What would God do now?

IHay sat in meditation and asked, “what should I talk about today?” I  saw an image of a small ball about the size of a pea. It rolled and became bigger as it picked up debris. Sort of like a rolled bale of hay. I heard, “Talk about not letting a small situation become bigger”. So my message for today is:  Sometimes in our need to be right and to defend our situation, we can allow negativity to make it bigger than it needs to be. Go within and see the situation being healed with light and visualize a positive resolution for all parties. Allowing yourself to argue your point, may only serve to make it into something that grows out of your control. Ask yourself, “How important is it to be right?” “Is this situation worth causing myself and the other person more pain?” “What would God do now?” Sometimes the answer is to wait and address it later when you are calm. Practice using your spiritual tools to find a positive resolution. That will allow the problem to potentially disappear, rather than create a situation that is bigger than you can handle.               © September 7, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Glimpses of Heaven

heavenWe only have to sit overlooking the water or on a majestic mountain top to glimpse the serenity of Heaven.   Many of us get busy and forget to enjoy the quiet and beauty of nature but it is one of our strongest connections to the other side.  The peace and quiet we find there is a reflection of what our loved ones feel.  Though Heaven is so much more, deceased loved ones often show me a similar scene to the one in the picture as a way of letting me know they are in a loving place.  If you imagine your most favorite place in nature with a little shimmer and the qualities of peace and love reflected in it, you are seeing a snapshot of  what it is like for those you love.   © September 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Peace or Drama

dramaI watch my children interact and at times they start to create drama. I often hear, “he was mean to me,” or, “she pinched me.”  On a very important level, this type of conflict is helpful to their development.  They learn to work through conflict and they are better prepared for their adult lives.   As we become adults, it is important to recognize that some people have developed that skill better than others.   What you learn (or don’t learn) as children sets the stage for when you are an adult.   If you were taught to fight in order to survive, you will continue that trend as an adult.  If you were taught to be diplomatic, you will be able to negotiate around conflict and move on to better things.  Fighting may feel necessary when you feel attacked but it can add to the drama in your life and it is often the end to many important relationships.  Eventually, one of the people involved in the drama will get tired of the friction and move on.   If you have drama in your life, try to step back and mentally assess your situation.  Does the conflict remind you of your childhood in any way? Do you have a pattern of attracting conflict? Do you react in defensiveness when you feel someone is being unfair or do you step back and try to decide on a healthy course of action?  Is the person/s in your life that cause drama healthy for you?  Will participating in that drama help you in any way?  Once you have taken that good inner look, ask God or your angels to assist you in your relationships with others.  Try to approach your relationships  from a centered place.  This will allow you to see the big picture and that allows you to create peace instead of drama. © September 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Releasing Grief

When we feel sad, it is natural to want to stuff or hide our feelings.  Remember, they come up to be released.  We may need to release old grief about how we have been treated or Peace5grief about losing someone we love.    It is important to recognize that grief comes from a variety of sources and experiences.  Though it is not fun to address old feelings, leaving your feelings unresolved often results in anxieties and fears.  It can also leave you more vulnerable to being hurt by others.   If sadness comes up, take time to acknowledge the source of your grief.  Then ask yourself when was the first time you felt a similar loss or feeling?  Share your grief with God and ask Him to help you with it.  Acknowledging your grief allows the healing process to begin.   Though it isn’t fun to explore where your emotions are coming from, it is the fist step to healing and finding peace. © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC


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Handling Adversity

obstaclesA dear friend is facing issues with a person who is acting spiteful and she is handling the adversity from a spiritual perspective.   Situations like these come up for all of us and they can be confusing and painful.   Our immediate reaction may be to push back;  however, the most productive thing is usually to take a higher spiritual road.  We should never accept abuse from others but we are still responsible for how we respond.   If we learn to step back and release the situation we are struggling with to God, we can grow stronger with his help.  The person or thing causing us difficulty can ultimately be a teacher for us by raising us up to a higher spiritual level.   Fighting back only  pulls us down by making the lesson more painful and difficult.  Rarely is there a positive resolution and often you end up giving away your personal power by expending energy in the wrong direction.   If faced with adversity, recognize the situation is meant to teach you something.  Go within and ask yourself what you have learned from it.  Then ask yourself, “what would God do now?”  You can also ask that he give you what you need to heal or turn things in a positive direction.  When obstacles arise, it is rarely effective to try to push through them.  It is often more effective to take a step back and choose a higher path.© August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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The Omnipresence of God

GodSometimes it may seem like we are just a cog in the wheel of life.  We are so small in comparison to the Universe as a whole.   The distractions of this world can make us forget that we are a part of something greater.   Then something happens to show us how connected we are in spirit.  That we are apart of everything and that in God’s eyes, we are important and we matter.  Whatever our struggles might be, He is there in all things, both awesome and small.  We may need reminding and we may even want “proof”.  That is simply our nature.  If we really look and allow our eyes to see, it is all around us.  When we observe a beautiful sunrise, majestic mountains or a starry night; there is little doubt the Universe was created by something wondrous.   Though all those things are beautiful, we only have to look within at our own inner light to connect with that same awesomeness.  It is  already inside of us because He is everywhere and in everything. © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC


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Faith2Fear can cause many things like lack of sleep, shortness of breath, spinning thoughts and even difficulties with others. Often that part of us that is afraid is triggered by beliefs we established in Childhood or from a traumatic event from the past. In the here and now, ask yourself,  “When is the first time I felt this?” and “What is the worst that is going to happen today?” and most importantly, “Do I believe God is powerful enough to carry me through this and protect me from the thing I am afraid of?”  When the past is affecting you today, ask God to heal that old part of you. Whatever is before you today that is causing concern, will likely be a distant memory in the near future as you move on to a new worry.  Rather than giving your power away to fear, allow prayer and faith to make you stronger.        © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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Feeding Your Inner Light

California Poppies and GazaniasLiving a spiritual life will cause you to grow and can result in many changes. The more spiritual we become, the more we tend to let go of things that are not in line with our desire for love and peace. Things that we might have tolerated before, will be less tolerable in the here and now.  We may find ourselves walking away from situations, things or people in ways we wouldn’t have in the past.  We may find that as our own light gets brighter, we are less attracted to things and people we used to align with.  Proper care of our inner light means we should not engage in situations that deter us from being the best we can be.  We should pursue our goals with integrity and consideration for others.  Spiritually and karmically, we will be rewarded for having the right intentions and taking correct action.  As we grow and take responsibility for the care and feeding of our inner light, we think less of selfish things and align ourselves more with loving thoughts and actions.  Always remember, inviting God to participate in your daily plans and activities can make living spiritually easy and effortless.  You will naturally gravitate to what makes you healthy and happy.  © August 2013 Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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This morning in meditation I was shown insects having the instinctive ability to adapt to nature by restructuring their living situations.  In the image, the adaptations seemed easy and effortless.  They recognize the situation or changes needed and begin restructuring beetheir homes and environment to accommodate mother nature. In the same way,  it is necessary us to have the ability to adapt.  The ability to adapt affects our ability to survive and it affects our emotional sense of well-being.

Change is a constant in life.  The belief that we are actually in control is simply not always the reality we would like it to be.  The question we have to ask ourselves is, “how adaptable am I?”  Those that can adapt well to change will have a greater sense of peace and serenity.  They will see change and have the ability to work with it.  They recognize what is needed and move on.  Sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly.

Resisting change can be frustrating, exhausting and painful.  We can become comfortable with the current status of things and fight against any shift in our circumstance.  Fighting the flow of things can wear us out emotionally and take away from the energy needed to adjust to the change.  Why do we resist?   We are often fearful of what the change will bring or fearful we will lose something important to us.  When fear is the issue,  faith can assist us and help us to be more adaptable.  It can help us see the benefits and growth involved with the changes we need to make.  Faith can also help us learn to cope in new ways where we once may have used controlling behaviors to create a sense of safety.  When faced with change, take time to assess the situation and then turn it over to God.  Allow yourself to release your fears by recognizing you have the instinctive ability to adapt within you and you can apply it to each and every situation you encounter.

© 2013Nancy Hickman, M. Ed., LLC

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