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The Way of the Tumble Weed

tumble weedIn meditation my guides showed me a tumble weed blowing through a ghost town.  Me: Where are you going with this one?  Guides: Superfluous. Superfluous means obsolete or not needed.   We know that ghost towns are places that are abandoned  because the economy or resources could no longer support them.  Tumble weeds by nature are able to travel  quickly and easily with the flow of the wind.  They deposit their seeds where ever they can and grow new tumble weeds in environments that help them flourish.  So, my translation of what I was shown is that sometimes we hang on to things or situations that need to be released.  There may be parts of our lives that are no longer useful and that may be holding us back from our growth.  As we release those parts, we may even have a barren feeling as a result of “losing” a way of life or being that we are used to.  As we allow ourselves to be carried by the flow of the Universe, we will land in a place emotionally and spiritually that supports us and helps us flourish.  The message: examine those parts of your life that need to be released.  Allow yourself to explore the potentials available to you and trust you will eventually land in a place that allows you to feel firmly routed and stable.  As you release old ways and things that you no longer need, you will gain an inner sense of lightness and spiritual freedom.  You will also gain trust in your ability to adapt in all life situations.   ©September 19, 2013, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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