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We are Beings of Light

light8We are all here because we are supposed to grow.  One of the things we are meant to do it help those around us.  We are meant to send light to others.  On a deep level our light is connected to each person we meet.  That light comes from God and flows through each of us.  When we reject each other, we are rejecting a part of ourselves.

When you wake each day, try to consciously work with your light energy by praying that God increase the light within you and others.  Direct the light energy from Heaven and see it flow around the planet.  Especially send that light to people you may struggle with in life.  If you are having difficulty, ask that the light go to your situation.  Ask that the light protect you and those that you love.  Ask that light go to our Government and our Country.  Ask that light go before you wherever you go.  In doing this, you are increasing your vibration, increasing the good energy that comes to you and increasing your connection to God.   You are also creating positive change in the world around you.  © March 4, 2014, Nancy Hickman, M.Ed., LLC

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