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Whispered Words

From the time I was a little girl, I got messages from spirit.  I would sit in wind2a field on our property and hear thoughts in my head offering love and support.   They were like words whispered in the wind.  Always kind and loving.

We all hear these loving words from time to time.  Some of us just don’t always  recognize that inner voice is not always our own.  Loved ones will put thoughts in our head to help and reassure us but we might not always perceive those thoughts as from them.   They may be the thought in our head that tells us not to go somewhere at a certain time.  Then we find out there was an accident in that spot that evening.  They may tell us a relationship is turning unhealthy or to be cautious of someone.  Those little warnings and gut feelings are a gift from your loved ones.  Their way of watching over us  to try to positively influence our thinking.

Sitting in that field, I was quiet and open to listening.  That made it  easier for me to hear.  We are more likely to hear their messages if we allow ourselves to be quiet and clear our head of worries.    The words whispered to me have definitely prevented accidents, provided me with health information, warned me that my kids needed me and more.  What have you heard from your loved ones when you take the time to quiet your mind and listen?

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