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"I feel compelled to express my heartfelt gratitude and testimony to Nancy for the love and help she has brought to me in a time of immense tragedy. Her god given abilities as an intuitive life coach & gifted psychic have been monumental in my time of loss and despair. She has been a dear friend and an unbelievable resource that has helped me in ways that are incomprehensible. My husband went missing for 8 days, and I was out of my mind. The police refused to help me and I felt powerless & in horror. At my request, Nancy immediately came to my home and was able to communicate that my husband had indeed taken his life and she was able to clearly identify how he died and where his body laid. She then assisted me the following day in locating my husband’s body, which freed his soul. Nancy continues to work with me and connects my husband’s spirit with me clearly and concisely so I can carry out his wishes. She is my hope and focus in communicating with my husband since his death, as she has immediate contact with him at all times. I thank Nancy for being in my life and cannot fathom how I could have survived this tragedy without her. She is my precious friend and a gift to this world and I thank God for her in my life!!!!!"

All my sincerity,
Meg, Southern, Maryland


"I have been blessed to have Nancy in my life for the past 6 years. Nancy is a gifted psychic, medium and healer. She has shared her gifts with me in so many ways. I have learned so many things through her classes, she has provided accurate readings, connected me to my departed loved ones and provided healings. The most recent was the most profound experience. I went for a healing to help me recover from an intensely volatile domestic situation. The day I went to see her I barely made the appointment because I was so drained and weak. The immediate shift in my emotional/physical state can best be described as miraculous! Nancy is an angel on earth."

Kim O., MD


"I recently relocated to Florida and purchased a home that was still being occupied by the former owner who was deceased and made it very clear he did not like me being in his house. I got in touch with Nancy and she gave me very thorough instructions on what I had to do and what materials I needed so that I could get this over with. She was able to clear my house of this entity and I have not had a problem since. She is very gifted and pleasant to work with."

Kenny E., Venice, FL


"I have never had a reading before, and was looking for some one to reach out to a loved one that passed on.I found Nancy, did not know much about her but, after my reading with her, I know that she is the only person that I will be going back to for all of my readings. Very sincere, and kind, there was nothing in my reading that she was wrong about. What a gift she has!"

Vera G., Maryland


"When a friend's dog was lost, they searched for 2 days with no luck. There were sighting, but no one could catch her. I called Nancy to help then narrow their search. Nancy was able to indicate an area to search around where they had been looking. She said the dog would be found within a couple days and would be fine. That she was hungry but having fun. Nancy shared several other details as well. Sure enough the dog was found the next day, hungry but happy as if she had been on an adventure. Nancy's guidance was so valuable in supporting the search efforts as well as keeping the group positively motivated!"

Anna A., Maryland


"I just wanted to let people know about my wonderful experience with Nancy. I had a lost Chihuahua dog I was looking for and she was instrumental in helping me find that dog. We did find Lady, the missing Chihuahua thanks to Nancy, the information she helped give, and other means, flyers, dog tracking team etc. Looking back after I found Lady, the information that Nancy had given me was right on. In an extremely stressful situation, she gave me the comfort and additional information that I needed to help make a terrible situation better. I would recommend her to anyone. It is comforting to know of someone you can trust and not be scammed and she is someone who is trustworthy and reliable. Thank you so much Nancy for your help and I will be using you in the future for other problems which may arise."

Nancy C., Waldorf, MD


"I am fascinated by Nancy’s skills for paranormal communication. A personal tragedy allowed me to witness her ability to penetrate after-life energy forms and use that talent to be of extraordinary assistance to my family. Even being skeptical of spirits and psychic claims, I found it difficult to ignore or dispute her remarkable sixth sense."



"Nancy played an invaluable role in clearing my home and myself of energies that had been plaguing me for weeks and causing measurable detriment to my sleep, mood, and peace of mind. When I spoke to her about my troubles and strange occurrences in my home, she immediately came to my aid and provided excellent insight and guidance on how to restore and maintain normal status quo. She employed many practices that reflect discipline and experience in her field. Her methods have helped invoke a feeling of serenity and light that is nearly palpable, unburdened, and pure within myself and in my home."

Jason R., Hollywood, MD

" Amazing! That is how I would describe the reading I received over the phone with Nancy. She totally hit the nail on the head. She told me things that she would have no way of knowing. Also, she gave me messages from loved ones that had passed on. It was a wonderful experience."

Michelle R., Maryland


"It gives me great pleasure to write a testimonial regarding Nancy and her gifts. Working with me for a couple years, Nancy has provided countless accurate readings for me. I'm always amazed after a call about how precise and thorough she is with her readings. Furthermore, she has a calm and peaceful manner when she shares information so I always feel super comfortable asking her about anything. I feel truly blessed to have Nancy as a guide in the physical world and I know between her spirit guides, my spirit guides and source energy, creator of all, God...I'm in the best hands as I continue on this journey of life:) 07/09/11. Thanks Nancy!!!!"

A.G., California


"Recently I lost a family member. I was depressed and had grief and loss issues. I needed help and support to get through this. I was very fortunate to have Nancy do a reading for me at this time. She helped me explore some ways in which I could begin to feel better. During this time, Nancy contacted my fiancée, who had been killed in 1989. This was not expected, and I myself was surprised. Nancy described physical attributes about him that I had certainly not discussed with her. His over all personality, and the fact that he held something in his had to show me, that only I could have known about. He was trying to assure me, that he was still with me, to love me and comfort me as he had always done when he was here. I was comforted, and I did feel better. I was truly impressed the reading I had with Nancy, I have had other readings with her since and find her very perceptive and right on the mark. Thank you!"

Lorraine D., Kansas


"I was feeling rather unmotivated in pursuing my life goals until I took Nancy's class, "Your Light Purpose". This class gave me the encouragement and spark that I needed to get back on track with my push forward in life. The assignment chart that I created remains a motivation for me, as I have it hanging on a wall where I see it every day as a reminder. I find her readings to be immensely helpful and insightful. Nancy is a person of great integrity and honestly, which I feel is a prerequisite for a good psychic reading. She has a great amount of knowledge, but is eager to learn more, which is the sign of a person of depth and flexibility and compassion for the people she helps. The astrological charts and the numerology chart are a lot of fun,and give great insight into the gifts we can use to move forward in life, and the things that we might need to work on to better our characters. I would highly recommend Nancy's readings, workshops, and the astrological charts to use as assets in learning more about your abilities, your challenges, and your motivations. Nancy has helped me with many questions I have had on my path. Enjoy and look forward to a great experience!!

Alison T., Maryland


"I can't say enough about Nancy's services. She is an extremely talented psychic and clairvoyant. The advice and guidance she provides for me is invaluable, worth it's weight in gold. She really tunes into my energy field and she taps into what my issues and lessons are at any given time. She not only can predict future trends and events with remarkable accuracy, but she has seen many of my past lives that are affecting a part of my life now. There aren't many intuitives who are so multi-faceted that they can tap into so many different aspects of a person. I just think she is so talented. The information just seems to come to her so easily, that really impressed me too. I highly recommend booking a session with her. I always come away with valuable information about my past, present, and future and usually a message or two from a loved one on the other side. She gives me information that translates to practical application which I can use to my make my life better now. I can't think of anything more valuable than having that kind of spiritual help on a regular basis."



“I have had several readings from Nancy by telephone and each time she was able to get in touch with my family members who have transitioned and/or crossed over. She gave me information that only that individual and I knew. It was especially comforting to have a reading after a friend of mine passed over. I was able to get closure in a way that set my mind at ease. Nancy was also able to provide accurate insight into health concerns that I have, of which she had no prior knowledge. Nancy is patient and has a lot of compassion for her clients. She will answer all of your questions and give you much more information.”

Thomasine W., Maryland


"Nancy has been a great source of comfort to me. Speaking to her has given me a sense of peace and well-being in a time of great transition in my life. I don't change what I do or live my life based on what she tells me to do, rather it is a collaborative experience, as she shares with me what my angel guides share about me and my life. There are exercises and homework so that I am working on myself -- gaining more insight and beginning to trust my own intuition. I check in with her periodically for reassurance that my dreams (relationship, career, and family) are based in reality and I only need to have faith that my guides have a plan for me. I don't need to know how it will happen, only that it will. She instills hope and gives gentle guidance with precision and accuracy based on what my guides share with her. I am thankful that she is now a part of my life and I have recommended her services to my friends and family. They too have been astounded by her intuitive abilities and comforted by her warmth and generosity. Thank you, Nancy, for sharing your gift."

Melissa W., New Jersey


"I have had a few readings from Nancy. She is highly intuitive and it was a very positive experience for me. The information gave me clarity and direction on how to overcome many personal challenges I was struggling with. I’m excited about upcoming events I gained insight about."

N. Lomangino, New York


"Nancy was my very first experience with a psychic and medium. I was nervous, but I was so unsettled about my mom and my family, all of whom have passed. I am the youngest and always had several sisters around me. Nancy was gentle and understanding about my loss at where to begin. She guided me through what I needed to do in order to speak to my mom, dad or my sisters. She was wonderful. I relaxed immediately and a lot of very personal aspects, unknown to her and many others, were brought to me. Since I had my session with Nancy I have “seen” my mom many times and that is by feeling her presence, which had not happened before and now just within days, part of my deceased family surrounds me for short periods of time, letting me know that I am not alone. I am going through some rough times right now, but now I don't feel so alone. I truly think Nancy was able to bring forth what I could not and needed so very badly."

Donna P., Colorado


"Neither of us has ever had any type of reading done before but the experience surpassed any expectations we may have had. It provided a connection to those we have lost. It provided clarity and insight to unresolved issues and it provided guidance and direction in decision making about paths to take. Nancy’s accuracy is unmistakable. Her passion, insight and connection to the spirit around us is truly remarkable. Nancy absolutely has a gift and we would highly recommend her to anyone."

Peggy and Craig, R., Maryland


"I met Nancy last summer during a time in my life where I was feeling lost, empty and had some health issues. I didn’t know what the underlying causes were, so I scheduled a reading with Nancy. I was extremely touched by the accuracy, compassion and insight she provided at our first meeting. Not only was I suppressing my grief for the loss of several very important people in my life but I was also shutting down both physically and emotionally. Since, I have taken several of Nancy’s classes (Intuitive Development, Healing the Inner Child and Spiritual Law & Manifesting) which have opened my body, mind and soul to acceptance and understanding of who I am; who I can be and how to get in touch with my inner light. It is with Nancy’s gifted insight, ability to connect spiritually and loving guidance that I am growing within. I am forever thankful to God and my angels for guiding me to Nancy. Nancy is definitely a gift from God."

Liz A., Maryland


"Nancy has taught me so many amazing things. I've taken several of her workshops and have NEVER been disappointed. She is truly a spiritually gifted individual who is teaching others how to connect to their own gifts. I've learned how to be more intuitive and increase my spiritual awareness. My latest course in Manifesting was fantastic! Do yourself and others a favor - work with Nancy."

Laura A., Maryland


"Working with Nancy has changed my life, significantly! I have been a committed to a Holistic life and working as a Natural Health Practitioner for 1/2 of my life, I thought I was happy and fulfilled! At my daughter's suggestion, I called Nancy to connect with my Angels! Nancy has taught me how to live embracing my Higher Self. Our work has truly enabled me to become present for all of the Blessed Guidance that surrounds and daily supports my quality moments! Reconnecting with my mother has been a true joy, learning how to prioritize, and living more authentically has been far more that I ever expected."

Linda S., Michigan


"I would like to state that this Life-Mate class is wonderful. Not only is Nancy a superb medium, but she is excellent at making you look within and finding out exactly what it is you want in a Life-Mate. For those of you who have always been tomboys and never did what I always called “the girlie girl” stuff, you will find that you’re able to bring that part of you out without feeling like you’re losing who you really are. If anything, Nancy helps you to reconnect to who you really are deep down inside. I have and will always recommend her class and her medium readings to anyone who is looking for love and happiness. All that I can say is…I am very much honored to have found her during my journey."

Love and Light
Laurena M., Virginia


"We are so grateful for Nancy. She had answers for all of our questions. The uncertainty has been removed from our future. She is truly a gift from God."

Marylee and Ed G., Maryland


"If you are truly ready to meet your life-mate this is the Workshop for you. Nancy has taken a unique approach and put all the materials at your fingertips to help make this a reality for you. Hands on activities and a wonderful journal keep the workshop alive and in daily use long after the class. It has helped me focus and allowed me to really define what I need for a life mate. If you are willing to do the work and invest yourself in the process you will draw your life-mate to you. I can't think of a better way to manifest your own happily ever after."

Maggie J., Virginia


"I took Nancy's workshop on finding a life mate and learned so many things about myself. The class helped me look inside myself and showed me how to look for what I really wanted in a life mate. I am seeing someone presently who makes me happy. I highly recommend the class to everyone."

Peggy W., Maryland


"Kind, calming and insightful, that is what comes to mind when I appreciate Nancy's work. Her gentle ease, her clear and prophetic abilities have saved/changed my life. Nancy has steered me so that I am more aligned with my highest good, highest potential and "going with the flow" of the universe. Nancy has given me insights and direction that guide my decisions and attuned with my own intuition. I am in awe with the messages she shares from her guides. When I am doubtful, I can count on Nancy's coaching to get me centered and grounded. The best word I can use to describe Nancy is that she is heavenly."

Joni S., Michigan


"Nancy has been a wonderful guide in my life. She has been there in my time of need and provided direction and advice. I recently received an energy clearing and it was amazing. I was able to completely relax and could feel the negative energy leave my body. I have taken several of her classes and learned so many things about myself and methods to help me stay in the light. Blessings to all that are fortunate to meet Nancy."

Sharon M., MD

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"I have had several readings from Nancy by telephone and each time she was able to get in touch with my family members who have transitioned and/or crossed over. She gave me information that only that individual and I knew. It was especially comforting to have a reading after a friend of mine passed over. I was able to get closure in a way that set my mind at ease. . . . She will answer all of your questions and give you much more information."
Thomasine W., Maryland