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Soul Illumination 1 hour and 20 minutes


Soul Illumination for 1 hour and 20 minute session. Reading, Restoring and Releasing - the condition of your soul. At this time this is an in person session only. Included: -A powerful and healing energy clearing. -evaluation of your current spiritual condition. -an aura picture. -the condition of your 7 major chakras/energy centers, -Chakra balancing, -soul history influences, -soul themes, lessons or purpose, -mending the colors of your soul quilt, -raising your vibration, colors and frequency to support good health and vibrancy, -ages in your life where there was an impact on your spirit, -your aura colors, -energy blockages on your energy body, -any outside energy factors impacting you at the time of the reading. This comes with a graph/diagram and when that is completed, I will do an energy healing to help restore the optimum functioning of your energy and the brightening of your inner light.

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