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2 Distance Inner Light Energy Healing and Clearing Sessions


This energy healing and clearing is done at a distance and on my own time but on a set day every week. It is at a discount so it would normally cost 140.00 if you bought these sessions individually for an in person session. You will feel lighter and brighter after receiving this healing energy session which was given to me in meditation by my guides. It is a session unique to me and highly beneficial in clearing: 1. negative entities and energies. 2. healing emotional energies. 3. lightening and rejuvenating your spirit. This work is done the same way I would do it if I did the session in person with you. The sessions are conducted once a week for 4 weeks. I set a day for you and do the energy healing on that day and let you know when it is complete. If you have experienced any of my other clearings, you will be truly amazed at the results of this energy healing. Savings of 20.00

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