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Astrological Charts

Astrology can be used to give you a diagram or map of your life based on the date and time of your birth, location of your birth and the alignment of the planets with the zodiac at that time. This map can be used as a guide to life decisions because it can explain influences and blocks a person may or may not be facing given the alignment of the planets in relation to their personal astrological configuration. The interpretations given explain the most likely 'potentials' you will experience and can be a prediction of events in your life.

A detailed chart will be emailed to the client upon purchase in the form of a PDF document. Please be aware that an exact time is best to obtain a more accurate astrological chart. If you do not know the exact time, please provide a time frame to the best of your knowledge. The chart may have a slight variation depending on the accuracy of the information provided. If exact time is not known, please give an estimated time. All sales are final. Seller is not responsible for inaccurate information provided at time of purchase.

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6 Month Forecast Chart

This forecast describes almost daily the astrological influences, events and trends the client will encounter over the next six months. View A Sample of This Chart

Numerology Report

This is a report which calculate your numerological scores and highlights numbers that affect your personality, vocations, relationships, etc. View A Sample of This Chart

Cosmo Natal Chart

The configuration of your chart is used to describe your abilities, interests, ambitions, romance, emotions and other trends or tendencies that you are likely to experience or be influenced by in life. View A Sample of This Chart

Relocation Chart

Describes what conditions are likely to be like for the person based on the locations you choose and how they interact with your personal astrological configuration. It can describe the impact on career, health, romance, etc.. You can request up to 8 cities to review in your chart.

12 Month Forecast Chart

This forecast describes almost daily astrological influences, events and trends the client will encounter over the next twelve months. View A Sample of This Chart

Compatibility Chart and Compatibility Scores

A comparison of two individual charts and a description of compatibility and potential struggles in a relationship. You need to provide date of birth, time of birth and location for each person.

Cosmo Natal and Major Life Themes Chart

The Cosmo Natal Chart described above is included in this package with the Major Life Themes chart which describes themes in relationships, career, etc with an added perspective.

Solar Return Chart

The chart reflects the position of the planets at the exact time of your birth but for the current year. This describes events you should expect over the current year in regard to relationships, home life, friends, career, etc. This is a very detailed summary of planetary influences in the coming year. View A Sample of This Chart

Child Birth Report

This wonderful report is helpful in preparing your child for potential struggles and nurturing their particular strengths. It describes relationships with parents, potential health concerns and more. View A Sample of This Chart